Reno Omokri Faults Buhari for Nigeria’s Economic Challenges

Former aide to ex president Goodluck Jonathan, Mr. Reno Omokri has faulted Muhammadu Buhari for Nigeria’s economic downturns.

Omokri made this known on his X account, formerly Twitter on Tuesday, stressing that Buhari’s administration borrowed more than all the past governments of the country.

“The insecurity Nigeria is currently facing is the result of the 600 terrorists that were jailbroken from Kuje prison under Buhari on July 5, 2022. Even the U.S. and UK warned then that the incident would lead to an upsurge in insecurity.

“And the economic challenges Nigeria is facing are because Buhari borrowed more than all past governments. Then, when nobody would lend him money anymore, he began future selling our crude oil,” he stated.

He revealed that Gen. Buhari used Nigeria’s foreign reserves as guarantees for his profligate lending and spending.

According to him, the former President did not just make mistakes, he ruined Nigeria and undid almost every good thing achieved by the country since 1999.

He further disclosed: “He was borrowing money in Nigeria’s name to build infrastructure in Niger, where his late father originated from. Paying ransoms to terrorists and bandits and looking the other way while his cronies robbed Nigeria blind.”


Hope Ejairu

Hope Ejairu is a writer, sports analyst and journalist, with publications on print and digital media. He holds certifications in various media/journalism trainings, including AFP.

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