Nigeria Customs Command and Staff College Graduates 50 Officers of Junior Course 18

...As CGC Adeniyi Commends Directing Staff, Instructors for Dedication to Service

The Nigeria Customs Command and Staff College, Gwagwalada, marked a significant milestone on Friday, April 19, 2024, as it graduated 50 officers from Junior Course 18.

The ceremony, held at the Ahmadu Makarfi Hall of the college, was attended by top officials of the Nigeria Customs Service, family members, and friends of the graduating officers.

Comptroller-General of Customs Bashir Adeniyi, represented by Deputy Comptroller-General in charge of Human Resources and Development Greg Itotoh, commended the directing staff and instructors for their exceptional input throughout the training session.

He praised the graduating officers for their hard work and dedication, urging them to apply the knowledge and skills acquired during their training to enhance the service’s operations.

DCG Itotoh emphasised the importance of capacity building in achieving the Nigeria Customs Service’s strategic goals, stating, “The Service is committed to building a strong and effective team, and this graduation is a testament to that commitment.”

He encouraged the graduating officers to be innovative and proactive in their approach to customs operations, embracing technology to enhance effective service delivery.

Commandant of the College, ACG Kingsley Egwuh, also praised the directing staff for their dedication and hard work in shaping the officers’ minds.

He congratulated the graduating students, urging them to embrace the opportunities and challenges ahead and make a positive impact in the Nigeria Customs Service.

The graduating officers, who have completed their training in various aspects of customs operations, leadership, and weapon handling, are expected to be deployed to various formations of the Service, where they will apply their knowledge and skills to enhance effective service delivery.

The ceremony featured the presentation of certificates and awards to deserving officers, recognising their outstanding performance during the training.

Earlier, the College had also held a regimental dinner for the graduating officers of Junior Course 18 on the 17th of April, 2027 – where Comptroller-General of Customs Bashir Adeniyi urged them to embrace professionalism and integrity in their service.

As the Special Guest of Honour at the Regimental Feast, CGC Adeniyi took to the podium to congratulate the graduating students after scaling through a series of rigorous training in the colleges, which, according to him, were meant to equip them to master the technical know-how of the Customs work.

Celebrating their academic achievements, CGC Adeniyi, however, enjoined them to be good ambassadors of the Service and give their careers purposeful meaning and uphold the motto of the Nigeria Customs Service—Justice and Honesty.

He added: “As you all return to your respective Commands, put everything you’ve learned to the test. That is the only gratitude you can show to those who have taken time to develop the curriculum which you were taught here.

“You have been here for some time. You have developed yourselves. In a couple of years, the business of the Nigeria Customs Service will rest squarely on your shoulders”, he said.

The night concluded with a sense of accomplishment and pride, marking not only the end of academic pursuits but also the beginning of a journey for these graduates to carry forward the values of the Nigeria Customs Service with honour and dedication.

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